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Our Patients

    • SSM-COVID19-GeraldAdory-110x110.jpg

      Gerald Adory

      Gerald “Gerry” Adory, 41, is a native of Kenya who has lived in St. Louis since 2007. The nursing home LPN and his wife, Lakeitha, have a son, Emmanuel and a daughter, Imani. One morning in September, Gerry awoke with slurred speech. Concerned,… View more

    • SSM-Stroke-LewisJones-110x110.jpg

      Lewis 'Eddie' Jones

      St. Louis resident Lewis “Eddie” Jones, 67, had a full life as a husband, father of three and a career as an educator at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. However, things changed dramatically in July, when he suffered a stroke as he was bicycling… View more

    • SSM-Stroke-KennyHellrung-110x110.jpg

      Kenny Hellrung

      Kenny Hellrung, the 58-year old father and grandfather started his day like any other.  An electrician by trade, he was working on an estimate when he suddenly lost his ability to speak and had no feeling on the right side of his body, leaving… View more

    • Dannielle-Williams-photo-110x110.jpg

      Dannielle Williams

      Dannielle Williams, a 35-year old mother of six and a certified nursing assistant, suffered from asthma for years before her condition took a turn for the worse in July. An asthma attack sent her to her local hospital, where she was found to be… View more

    • Nickie-Stringfellow-110x110.jpg

      Nickie Stringfellow

      According to 45-year old Nickie Stringfellow, she was living a peaceful life in St. Ann, Missouri. She spent her days enjoying her dog, cooking, watercolor painting and decorating her house. Nickie had faced some health challenges in the past,… View more

    • SSM-ChristopherLove-110x110.jpg

      Christopher Love

      St. Louis native Chris Love, 52, in his own words, “is a laid-back, easy-going guy.” He worked as a driver for a senior citizen day care program and loved playing basketball and spending time with his four children and granddaughter. Chris had… View more

    • Timothy-Smith-photo-website-110x110.jpg

      Timothy Smith

      In late January, 58-year-old Timothy Smith, an inventory control manager, was overcome by an “odd” feeling while driving. He pulled over and dialed 911 before passing out. Emergency crews found him next to the car, unconscious, and rushed him to… View more

    • TylerWibbenmeyer-website-110x110.jpg

      Tyler Wibbenmeyer

      It was the evening of January 14, and 36-year-old Tyler Wibbenmeyer was in bed relaxing after a long day at work as an operations technician at a residential re-entry center (halfway house). The Missouri native, who in his spare time enjoys… View more

    • Patient Success Story - Edgar Buckles

      Edgar Buckels

      It was early April, Edgar Buckles knew something was wrong. The 76-year-old retired maintenance worker felt short of breath, weak and had a fever. “I just didn’t feel right,” he said. On April 9, Edgar could no longer ignore the symptoms, and… View more

    • Debbie Lane

      Debbie Lane

      As a caregiver for the home care organization Visiting Angels, 60-year-old Debbie Lane, was used to helping others. But one day when she felt a mass in her abdomen, she knew she needed to reach out for help herself. She met with her doctor,… View more

    • Lucille Hart

      Lucille Hart

      In August, Lucy Hart was on vacation in Wyoming when she was involved in a serious car accident. She was airlifted to a trauma hospital in Utah, where doctors had to insert a tube to assist her breathing and perform blood transfusions to combat… View more

    • Christine Gass

      Christine Gass

      It was November in O’Fallon, Illinois and Christine (Chris) Gass ordered pizza for her family. On her way to pick it up, her car was T-boned by a man driving through a stop sign. A nurse witnessed the accident and dialed 911. The nurse located… View more

    • Terry-Thuet-photo.jpg

      Terry Thuet

      After Terry Thuet retired in 2010, he spent time giving back to his community by volunteering at Jefferson Barracks Military Post, cooking for the homeless and providing transportation needs for those at his church. This past December,… View more

    • riana-evans.jpg

      Riana Evans

      A fall changed Riana Evan’s life forever, leaving her a paraplegic. Following the injury, she was placed on a ventilator. For months she battled complications, including cardiac arrest, a massive blood clot in her lung, severe ulcers requiring… View more

    • tracy-robinson.jpg

      Tracy Robinson

      Tracy Robinson, a 58-year-old wife, mother and grandmother, was working full-time as a 4th grade teacher when suddenly her whole world changed. In November, Tracy started experiencing a headache, left-sided weakness and difficulty walking. Her… View more

    • Chris Crocker

      Chris Crocker

      Chris Crocker, a roofer by profession, enjoyed the physical labor and the opportunity to be outdoors.   But on August 22, 2019, everything changed. The 29-year-old was installing a metal roof as it started to rain.  Chris lost his footing… View more

    • Angela Cole

      Angela Cole

      Angela Cole cheered wildly along with thousands of other fans in the stadium as her beloved St. Louis Cardinals swept their rivals, the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sept. 10, 2017. She noticed her hands and feet tingling, but the 35-year-old chalked… View more

    • Meghan Fessler

      Meghan Fessler

      Meghan Fessler faced bad odds after a 2015 car accident left her with a serious brain injury:  A 1 in 10 chance of waking up and, if she did, she might have a severe, life-long, disability. For thirty days, the 21-year-old’s outcome was… View more

    • Ryan Jerome 2

      Ryan Jerome

      On January 24, 2018, Ryan Jerome leaped to serve the volleyball when he lost control, fell and went completely numb. Unable to stand, an ambulance rushed him to SSM Health DePaul Hospital where, after testing and an MRI, doctors diagnosed… View more

    • John

      John Losurdo

      One of John Losurdo's greatest joys in life was riding his motorcycle in his free time. Then he was in an accident that left him with a broken back and paralysis of his legs. After two months in an acute hospital, John arrived at SSM… View more