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Our Patients

    • Chris Crocker

      Chris Crocker

      Chris Crocker, a roofer by profession, enjoyed the physical labor and the opportunity to be outdoors.   But on August 22, 2019, everything changed. The 29-year-old was installing a metal roof as it started to rain.  Chris lost his footing… View more

    • Angela Cole

      Angela Cole

      Angela Cole cheered wildly along with thousands of other fans in the stadium as her beloved St. Louis Cardinals swept their rivals, the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sept. 10, 2017. She noticed her hands and feet tingling, but the 35-year-old chalked… View more

    • Meghan Fessler

      Meghan Fessler

      Meghan Fessler faced bad odds after a 2015 car accident left her with a serious brain injury:  A 1 in 10 chance of waking up and, if she did, she might have a severe, life-long, disability. For thirty days, the 21-year-old’s outcome was… View more

    • Ryan Jerome 2

      Ryan Jerome

      On January 24, 2018, Ryan Jerome leaped to serve the volleyball when he lost control, fell and went completely numb. Unable to stand, an ambulance rushed him to SSM Health DePaul Hospital where, after testing and an MRI, doctors diagnosed… View more

    • John

      John Losurdo

      One of John Losurdo's greatest joys in life was riding his motorcycle in his free time. Then he was in an accident that left him with a broken back and paralysis of his legs. After two months in an acute hospital, John arrived at SSM… View more