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Inpatient Admissions

  • When admitted to SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital, you are assigned a room and unit according to your diagnosis. All patient rooms are located within a dedicated rehabilitation hospital, providing specialized, 24-hour rehabilitation nursing and medical care.

    All rooms have a bathroom, television and telephone. Any mail or flowers sent to you during your rehabilitation are delivered every weekday to your room. We also encourage you and your family to personalize your room with photos and other items that provide comfort and encouragement.

    Other Hospital Services

    Non denominational worship services are offered, as well as weekly Scripture groups.

    Family and visitor lounges, dining areas, and outdoor patios or spaces offer additional areas to visit with family and friends, connect with other patients or participate in group activities.

    Tobacco-Free Policy

    Tobacco use is proven to be a health hazard. Therefore, all SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital facilities have been designated tobacco-free environments. Tobacco use is not allowed in any of the buildings or on the property where SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital operates, nor at any SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital recreational function. Resources and information are available to patients who use tobacco. Please talk with your physician or nurse for additional details.

    Suggested items to bring with you upon admission

    • Personal grooming items, such as shaving accessories, shampoo, lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush
    • Clothing such as pants, shirts, sweatsuits, a coat, jacket or sweater, shoes (tennis shoes or walking shoes), socks
    • Photos and other items to personalize your room

    What to leave at home

    • Valuables: For your own security, we recommend you leave valuables, including cell phones, at home.
    • Electrical equipment: To ensure safety and compliance with fire and safety codes, we prefer you not bring personal electrical equipment.
    • Medications: SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital will provide and monitor your medications as prescribed by your physician while you are in the hospital. (Please leave other medications at home, unless instructed by your physician.) You will be taught about your medications and why they are important for you. You will be provided prescriptions and a listing of all medications at the time of discharge from your program.