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Financial Assistance

  • SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital has contracts with a number of insurance companies. In the event that a contract does not exist with a particular insurance company, SSM Health will work to create a single case agreement to be able to facilitate the rehabilitation needs of the potential patient.

    SSM Health also offers self-pay agreements for those patients who do not have insurance benefits and would like to pay for their rehabilitation services.

    SSM Health Rehabilitation Network is committed to providing financial assistance to people who are without insurance, underinsured, ineligible for a government program, or otherwise unable to pay for medically necessary care.

    Financial assistance is available on a sliding-scale. Each applicant’s financial need is based on Federal Poverty Levels, which includes income and number of family members. Financial need does not consider age, gender, race, social or immigrant status, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. SSM Health Rehabilitation Network limits the amount charged for emergency and medically necessary care provided to patients who are eligible for financial assistance under this policy to not more than gross charges for the care multiplied by the AGB percentage.

    To apply for financial assistance, you must complete a Financial Assistance Application. Visit our website at www.ssm-rehab.com or stop by the Admissions Office to receive a free application. The following documentation is required to be included with your application:

    • Verification of income (last two months)
    • Last year’s federal tax return or non-filing letter

    Our Admissions team, at the facility where you received service, can help determine your financial assistance eligibility. If applicable, they can help you apply for Medicaid or setup a payment plan.

    Patients are expected to cooperate with SSM Health Rehabilitation Network’s Financial Assistance Application process. Eligibility for financial assistance may be restricted to residents in the primary service areas of SSM Health Rehabilitation Network’s care sites. In cases when a patient appears eligible for financial assistance, but no evidence is available, SSM Health Rehabilitation Network could use outside agencies to determine eligibility.

    Translations of the Financial Assistance Policy are available in English and Spanish using the links below. 

    SSM Health Rehabilitation Network may at any time revise the criteria determining eligibility for financial assistance. Be assured that SSM Health Rehabilitation Network understands the sensitivity of your personal information and works hard to protect your privacy.

    Financial Assistance Policy Application

    Plain Language Summary of Financial Assistance
    Financial Assistance Policy
    Política de asistencia financiera

    Financial Assistance Policy Appendix A
    Financial Assistance Policy Appendix B