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Quality Outcomes

  • Meeting Patients Needs

    Because SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital is a specialized hospital, we are able to admit patients who have a greater level of impairment. The Case Mix Index (CMI), a standard measure of the medical complexity of patients upon admission, is higher at SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital than at other hospitals across the nation. However, despite being more medically complex due to the extent of their injury or illness, other medical conditions or complications, and/or age-related factors, individuals at SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital:

    • Experience improved functional outcomes
    • Are likely to be discharged to home

    Measuring Patient Outcomes

    Patient outcomes are measured using several indicators, including the standard Functional Improvement Measure (FIM), which reflects both overall and specific improvement in activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, feeding, ambulation and motor function.

    Given our commitment to service excellence, Patient Satisfaction is another key benchmark. SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital patients consistently expressed their high satisfaction with the care they received and the extent to which they were able to meet their rehabilitation goals.

    On an annual basis, we release quality data from the past year to provide to our stakeholders (patients, potential patients, referral sources, community) with information on the overall performance of the hospital.


    Lake Saint Louis:

    Richmond Heights:

    Exceeding Patient Expectations

    SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital’s leading-edge programs in spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, amputation, neurologic and orthopedic rehabilitation, along with our highly-specialized programs for individuals with severe disorders of consciousness and medically-complex stroke, are distinguished not only by the advanced level of care provided, but by the individual achievements of our patients. We are proud of that, and the trust that they and their families share with us each day.