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Day Institute

  • SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital's Day Institute Program offers a specialized, outpatient rehabilitation program in a flexible full-day format for individuals who can benefit from a comprehensive approach to recovery, but don't necessarily need rehabilitation in the acute hospital setting.

    Day Institute Specialty Tracks

    The Day Institute has three specialty tracks:

    • NEUROLOGICAL REHABILITATION PROGRAM - Traumatic or acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke
    • AMPUTEE REHABILITATION PROGRAM - Lower extremity amputee
    • MEDICALLY COMPLEX REHABILITATION PROGRAM - Diagnoses such as Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barré and Parkinson's

    Each track is specifically designed to maximize independence by using remaining strengths to correct current deficits and teach compensatory strategies. The participant completes treatment appropriate for their diagnosis, focusing on, but not limited to: physical, cognitive, communicative, interpersonal, self-care, community re-entry, revocational, behavioral and psychological changes that occur after an injury or illness. Each track assists the participant with becoming more aware of the changes in themselves after an injury or illness and how those changes impact their lives in home, work, school or leisure environments.

    Goals of the Day Institute

    The goals of the program are to maximize personal and functional independence that reestablishes a daily routine.


    Most participants benefit from a five-day-a-week program, which includes both individual and group therapies in physical, occupational and speech therapy, therapeutic recreation rehabilitation, specific therapies and activities are designed with this in mind. Since community reintegration is such an important goal of working with therapeutic recreation specialists, participants practice activities for daily living. To enhance community re-integration, community outings are regularly scheduled to identify and practice needed skills and mobilities.


    To make therapy more accessible and convenient to participants and their families, the Day Institute offers transportation services to pick up and drop off participants at their homes, for a nominal fee. (Van is wheelchair accessible.) Services are based on transport van availability and can be scheduled daily.

    Day Institute Locations and Hours of Operation

    SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital's Day Institute program is offered at six locations in the St. Louis metropolitan area, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    4 Arnold Park Mall
    Arnold, MO 63010
    Phone: (636) 282-0056
    Fax: (636) 282-0057

    12380 DePaul Drive
    Bridgeton, Missouri 63026
    Phone: (314) 447-9710
    Fax: (314) 447-9711

    3501 Dunn Road, Suite 108
    Florissant, Missouri 63033
    Phone: (314) 972-8070
    Fax: (314) 972-8794

    1001 S. Kirkwood Road, Suite 150
    Kirkwood, Missouri 63122
    Phone: (314) 821-7554
    Fax: (314) 821-0048

    Lake St. Louis
    2 Harbor Bend Court, Suite 102
    Lake St. Louis, MO 63367
    Phone: (636) 695-2070
    Fax: (636) 695-2080

    St. Charles
    1552 Country Cub Plaza Drive, Unit 1570
    Lake St. Charles, MO 63303
    Phone: (636) 724-1127
    Fax: (636) 695-2080

    1 Town & Country Marketplace
    Warrenton, MO 63383
    Phone: (636) 235-3830
    Fax: (636) 235-3833

    For more information about SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital's Day Institute, please call the Day Institute Case Manager at (314) 972-8070.